Transparent Waterproofing

Transparent Waterproofing

Transparent Waterproofing is a need of the hour, especially for the areas where one wants to avoid damaging existing tiles, avoidlaborious civil works and wants to maintain the existing aesthetics of the surface. LastoFlex TR is an innovative product designed based on a Transparent Aliphatic PU resin for Transparent Waterproofing. LastoFlex-TRwaterproofs the surface without damaging or changing the aesthetics of the existing surface. LastoFlex TR is ideally suited for waterproofing ceramic tiles, marble, natural stone, wood, concrete, glass, etc. It is specially recommended for use inwet areas,terraces, and balconies


LastoFlex TR is an aliphatic elastomeric polyurethane coating, suitedfor horizontalsurfaces.It can easily be applied using paintbrush, roller, or spray (airless).It offers long-lasting waterproofing and protection and offers extremely high resistance to stagnant water and does not peel off. It has excellent mechanical strength and does not turn yellow even after long exposure to UV.LastoFlex TR has excellent resistance to weather conditions (rain, frost, sunlight) and it maintains its elasticity even at very low temperatures -40’C.

TDS - LastoFlex TR

Step 1

Existing Surface

Step 2

Primer Applied

Step 3

LastoFlex TR Application

Step 4

Finished Surface

Step 5

Water Filled - No Leakage