Silicone Waterproofing​

Silicone Waterproofing

ENERCON Dubai offers cutting-edge silicon waterproofing solutions. Our expert team employs advanced technology to provide seamless and durable waterproofing, ensuring protection against moisture, leaks, and environmental factors.

ENERCON Dubai works closely with major Liquid Silicone coating manufacturers such as ELASTOTET from Greece, Europe and APOC from USA. Our team works diligently with our customers at the front-end and with manufacturer’s technical team at the back end to bridge the gap and offer customized solutions for all the customer needs.

LASTOFLEX ST (European Technology)

  • Specially designed and formulated liquid silicone coating by one of the leading European manufacturers.
  • LASTOFLEX ST is hydrophobic in nature, it repels water and withstand ponding water.
  • LASTOFLEX ST is an elastomeric coating, which offers highest elongation along with strongest adhesion with the substrate.
  • LASTOFLEX ST offers ETAG Certified 25 Years life expectancy.
  • LASTOFLEX ST is an ideal roof waterproofing that can go on top of almost any substrate, be it concrete, metal, glass, wood, existing bitumen or acrylic coating etc.
  • LASTOFLEX ST is approved and widely used by various public sector companies across UAE and Oman.

APOC – Armor Flex (U.S. Technology)

  • Armor Flex is one of the first liquid silicone coating manufactured by U.S.
  • Armor Flex being liquid silicone, it repels water and can withstand any ponding water.
  • Armor Flex offers one of the highest tensile strengths for a liquid silicone coating.
  • Armor Flex is CRRC, Miami Dade and UL certified liquid silicone coating.
  • Armor Flex is ideal roof waterproofing that can go on top of almost any substrate, be it
    concrete, metal, glass, wood, existing bitumen or acrylic coating etc.

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Liquid Silicone is an advanced roof waterproofing technology, developed by USA. Liquid Silicone roof waterproofing has below 3 functional features, thanks to its unique chemical properties, which no other waterproofing system can offer.

  1. Pond Proof Technology
  2. Sustainability (25 years life expectancy)
  3. Can be applied on almost any type of substrate

Once any existing coating is removed from the old concrete and it is washed, Liquid Silicone can be applied. Liquid Silicone chemically reacts with old concrete to form chemical bonding and its unique property of crack bridging help mitigate any existing cracks to grow further on concrete and once applied, it transforms an old concrete roof into a complete waterproof surface.

Liquid Silicone is becoming more and more popular mainly for its advanced functional features, such as, waterproofing on all type of surfaces, ease of application, 25 years life expectancy, cool roof coating. All these features make Silicone Waterproofing a “Single Component Complete Roofing System”

Anyone who owns a house, or an organization who owns a building, or a facility management company who looks after the roofing and last but not the least, a waterproofing contractor who wants to do a professional job using advanced roof waterproofing technology can benefit from using Silicone waterproofing.

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