PU Waterproofing​

LastoFlex PU

Single-component, elastomeric surface coating based on polyurethane, suitable for permanent waterproofing of surfaces. When applied, it reacts with moisture to form a strong, elastomeric, impermeable membrane. LastoFlex PU can easily applied using paintbrush, roller or spray gun.
LastoFlex PU offers long-lasting waterproofing and protection, and it has excellent resistance to ponding water, without peeling off.

LastoFlex PU forms a monolithic membrane (no joints) which is 100% adhered to the substrate. Even if it is locally damaged or punctured, water does not spread over the entire surface of the substrate, so the membrane can easily be locally repaired. LastoFlex PU has excellent resistance
to weather conditions, especially rain & UV and it retains its elasticity even at very low temperatures -40’ C. It has excellent bridging of capillary joints or cracks and is suitable for pedestrian traffic.

LastoFlex PU exhibits high reflectivity of solar radiation (for white colored product) resulting in significant temperature-drop during summer.

LastoFlex PU is suitable for application on flat roofs with ponding-water, basements, tanks, balconies, roof gardens, flower stands, tunnels (cut & cover method), irrigation canals, bridges, parking spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, and terraces.

TDS - LastoFlex PU

TDS - LastoFlex PB-1K

LastoFlex PB-1K

An advanced waterproof coating designed to offer benefits of both Bitumen and PU, LastoFlex PB-1K. LastoFlex PB-1K offers hydrophobic, water repellant and excellent mechanical properties of a bitumen-based coating alongside it also offers excellent adhesion, rapid curing, and durability of a PU-based coating.

LastoFlex PB-1K is a single component surface coating based on polyurethane and bitumen resins. It creates a monolithic membrane without joints which is 100% adhered to the substrate. LastoFlex PB-1K also has excellent flexibility and crack bridging properties and it retains its
elasticity even at very low temperatures -40’ C. LastoFlex PB-1K has excellent adhesion to porous substrates and very good resistance to water and chemicals. It’s a fast-curing product. There is no mixing required.

LastoFlex PB-1K has got Anti-Root Test, which makes it an ideal waterproof coating for planter boxes, roof gardens etc. Simultaneously, it can also be used for waterproofing foundations, basements, roofs, bathrooms and balconies (under tile) and tunnels (cut and cover), etc.