We take pride in offering advanced energy conservation solutions and innovative building materials that are sustainable and help reduce carbon emissions for our plant.

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Cutting-edge solutions ensuring lasting protection in ENERCON's advanced waterproofing technologies.

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Sustainable solutions safeguarding structures with ENERCON's eco-friendly waterproofing practices.

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ENERCON's commitment: enduring, trustworthy waterproofing for lasting structural integrity.

About ENERCON Dubai

ENERCON was formed with the foresightedness and passion to bridge the technological gap; bringing unique & innovative technologies to the offering of our customers. We are dedicatedly influencing the way with continued pursuit of advancement in industrial technologies. ENERCON Dubai is one of the best waterproofing company in Dubai.

We are expert in energy and sustainability advisory and partners with clients to apply our services and solutions to cut carbon emissions, reduce costs and energy consumption.

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About Our Products

We are dedicatedly bringing high-performance products at the doorstep of the local market, with continued pursuit of advancement in technology for industrial and commercial applications.

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable waterproofing company in Dubai, then look no further than ENERCON. ENERCON Dubai is one of the leading waterproofing companies in Dubai, providing comprehensive services to ensure that your property is completely watertight.

ENERCON Dubai Solutions

Silicone Waterproofing

Dubai's premium silicone waterproofing: durable, effective, and built for longevity.

Cool Roof Coatings

Cutting-edge cool roof coatings for Dubai's energy efficiency and sustainability.

Frigi Tech

Innovating cooling solutions for ultimate comfort and efficiency.

Waterproofing Tape

Dubai's premium silicone waterproofing: durable, effective, and built for longevity.

Hydro Ninja

Cutting-edge cool roof coatings for Dubai's energy efficiency and sustainability.


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Frequently Ask Questions

Liquid Silicone is an advanced roof waterproofing technology, developed by USA. Liquid Silicone roof waterproofing has below 3 functional features, thanks to its unique chemical properties, which no other waterproofing system can offer.

  1. Pond Proof Technology
  2. Sustainability (25 years life expectancy)
  3. Can be applied on almost any type of substrate

Once any existing coating is removed from the old concrete and it is washed, Liquid Silicone can be applied. Liquid Silicone chemically reacts with old concrete to form chemical bonding and its unique property of crack bridging help mitigate any existing cracks to grow further on concrete and once applied, it transforms an old concrete roof into a complete waterproof surface.

Anyone who owns a house, or an organization who owns a building, or a facility management company who looks after the roofing and last but not the least, a waterproofing contractor who wants to do a professional job using advanced roof waterproofing technology can benefit from using Silicone waterproofing.

A roof coating, which reflects incident sunlight, thereby isolating the roof substrate from external heat and keeps the roof cool by reflecting sunlight, is termed as Cool Roof Coating.

Cool roof coating works on the principal of reflection. The coating is applied on the roof top and is directly exposed to sunlight. As one of its key functions, it reflects the incident sunlight, consequently the heat is not passed to the roof substrate, and it keeps the building structure cooler.

Mostly in areas with tropical climate conditions, where temperatures are considerably higher, a cool roof coating is an effective way of controlling heat gain in the buildings. Areas such as, Middle East, South Asia, North Africa are places, which can get the maximum benefit from Cool Roof coating.

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